From smart bulbs and Wi-Fi-enabled light switches to connected thermostats and app-operated vacuum cleaners, connected home appliances make everyday housework a breeze. However, whilethe convenience factor is undeniable, splurging for smart home devices can add up fast, especially if you’re planning a full-home renovation. Instead of breaking the bank on brand-new everything, give your ordinary devices a boost with a smart outlet.

For a short time, you canget a Gosund smart dual plug outlet for $22, saving you a few bucks off your total home automation upgrade. Each wall outlet can power four devices, providing instant internet connection with Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home capabilities.

The setup is simple: Just download the Gosund app to your phone, put the plug into an electrical outlet and follow the easy instructions to get connected. There’s no need to upgrade to a smart coffee maker or a connected lamp; simply grab a plug and give them instant IoT power. Want to voice-control your humidifier? Need a Wi-Fi-enabled fan in your life? The Gosund outlet has you covered.

Make ordinary home appliances smart with this  IoT outlet

You can also control any plugged-in items with the companion app, so you can do things like shut them off to save power even when you’re away from home. It also lets you create a schedule or timer function for extra ease. (Read: Your piping-hot coffee will automatically be ready before work every morning.)

Enjoy the flexibility to control the devices together, or manage them separately. That means you can share outlets with the whole family and all experience the ease and convenience of a smart plug, without overriding each other’s devices. Speaking of streamlining, the horizontal design ensures your new favorite IoT gadget doesn’t take up too much outlet space.

Jump on this Labor Day deal to turn your everyday home appliances into connected ones.Get the Smart Dual Plug Outlet with Alexa & Google Home Capability for $22, or $4 off.

Prices subject to change.

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