Sunset is noticeably earlier, meaning less mood-lifting daylight for everyone. The winter chill has set in, so we spend even more time cooped up inside the homes where we’ve huddled, and sometimes completely quarantined, due to the new omicron variant.

Lighten up: Making the most of lighting can keep winter blues, pandemic fatigue at bay

Many of us are still working and studying at home by day, then trying to shift into relaxation mode in the very same rooms at night. And we’re doing all of this while battling the many stresses that this pandemic keeps on delivering.

If ever there was an winter when things could be a bit brighter, this is it.

So while better light bulbs or a repositioned lamp won’t solve everything, it’s a great time to reassess the way your home is lit — and possibly make some changes.

Differentiate night from day

It’s hard to step away from work when you’re living in your workspace. One way to shift the mood and tell your body and brain that it’s time to relax is to change the lighting when day becomes night.