As much love as you have for your significant other, living alongside them in complete and peaceful harmony isn’t always possible, nor is it exactly normal. Once you make the plunge into cohabitation, your specific habits, lifestyle tendencies and sleep preferences collide, ultimately requiring you to compromise and adjust.

Life-Changing Products And Gadgets To Make Living With Your Partner Easier

Getting a little help from present-day technology and convenient apps might be just what you need to prevent the occasional unnecessary bickering and instead, enjoy your time together just a little bit more. We turned to members of the HuffPost Relationships and Women Facebook groups to ask what kind of things they say are vital for keeping each other sane.


While no material object can ever replace communication, love and respect, group members came up with a pretty helpful list of products and gadgets that have helped make it easier to sharing space with their partners. See the list below to find things like a dual-sided mattress pad, extra nightstands and a solid pair of earplugs for uninterrupted nights of sleep.

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Best Buy, AmazonA voice-operated smart speaker and socket plugs to control your home’s operations"Google Home and smart plug! No more arguing over who has to get up to shut off the light or turn on the fan!" — Taryn CronkiteUsing voice-operated commands and with the help of compatible smart plugs, this Google Nest smart speaker can do anything from turning off the lights, adjusting the thermostat and turning on the TV.Get the Google Nest smart speaker from Best Buy for $99.99.Get the Kasa smart socket plugs from Amazon for $26.99.AmazonA pair of Bose sleepbuds for sleep schedules that don’t match up"Bose sleepbuds were a game changer! Can’t hear his snoring at all. [They were] expensive but so worth it!" — Leah Vescovi"Bose [Sleepbuds]. Otherwise I sleep on the couch, blocks away." — Jude Gibson"I clicked on this just to add the Bose Sleepbuds. Cannot say enough good things about them." — Rachel PageTo block out the noise of a snoring partner or just lull yourself off to dream land, these noise-cancelling earbuds by Bose are designed specifically for sleep. The soft silicone ear tips are offered in three customizable sizes to provide a secure and comfortable fit all night long while Bose's extensive sleep library contains curated relaxing content from ambient sounds, white noise and sounds from nature to help you fall asleep. According to a Bose-sponsored sleep study, the Sleepbuds have been clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster.Get it from Amazon for $249.AmazonDifferent-temperature blankets to avoid those “blanket hog” accusations"Not enough can be said about separate blankets. Mine is heavier and warmer while his is lighter and designed to be cool." — Leslie Gaminde"Separate blankets and sheets at night. My husband and I run at different temperatures. I move around a lot in my sleep, he stays still but tends to hog covers. This is a game changer." — Katy WilsonAvailable in four different colors and two sizes, this cooling comforter (pictured top left) is made from a hyper-breathable natural bamboo fiber which is moisture wicking for people prone to sweating in their sleep. The noiseless fabric also circulates air faster and easier than traditional down for a soothing sleep.For sleepers who prefer things a touch warmer, this quilted comforter is both thick and breathable, and uses a secure box stitch pattern to keep filling evenly distributed at all times. It even has corner tabs to keep it secure through out the night.Get the cooling comforter from Amazon for $79.99.Get the warming comforter from Amazon for $45.90.AmazonAn automatic vacuum cleaner to lessen the chore load"Robot vacuum definitely made our lives easier, especially with 3 cats." — Marina Beal Bordin"A Roomba for day-to-day house cleaning." — Amy Lou MarieTackle pet hair, debris and dust from any floor surface without having to lift a finger or ask whose turn it is to clean the floor. This smart robot vacuum intuitively detects the level of dirt in an area to customize performance and can be connected to an app to schedule cleanings.Get it from Amazon for $249.99.AmazonA star-projecting white noise machine for soothing, uninterrupted sleep"A noise machine/star projector because I need some kind of sound and light when I sleep and he cannot sleep with with the TV on like I used to do. It was a good compromise and works for both of us and is actually healthier for my sleep hygiene than leaving the TV on all night." — Mara JusticeThis night light projector and white noise machine casts soothing galaxies, ocean waves and relaxing cloud nebula lights onto the ceiling while comforting nature sounds play on the speaker. You can choose from eight different noises like rain, distant thunder and fire sounds. It also features an auto-timer for a worry-free automatic shut off.Get it from Amazon for $29.99.AmazonA charging station that can accommodate multiple devices"Extra chargers everywhere!" — Megan Higgins BrooksSpend less time squabbling over that one good charger with this smart charging station that accommodates multiple devices at once. Using ultra-fast charging and protection technology to reduce overheating and surging, this wireless dock is compatible with most phones and can eliminate those unsightly nests of cords.Get it from Amazon for $48.99.WayfairA dual shelf shower caddy with extra space for all of your products"Shower extra shelf add-on organizer, so everyone has their shower supplies space." — Elissa BlancoThis wall mount and rust-proof dual-shelf shower caddy provides ample space to house all of your separate shower toiletries. It also comes with four detachable hooks to hold washcloths and razors and doesn't require any drilling or flimsy suction cups to stay in place.Get it from Wayfair for $77.99.AmazonA dual-controlled heated mattress pad for differing temperature preferences"A dual control heated mattress pad. My husband sleeps hot and I'm freezing so it allows us to control our own sides so I can be as warm as I want and he won't even know! Can't live without it!" — Jen DaCunhaYou don't have to compromise on your sleep preferences just because you share the same bed. This zoned heating and cooling mattress pad is extra thick to prevent you from feeling any kind of element within the pad and offers the safety of an auto shutoff feature and little to no radiation emission during operation.Get it from Amazon starting at $99.99.Bed Bath & BeyondA multiple-compartment hamper to make laundry easier"We have 3 thinner hampers instead of one big one; we sort our laundry as we put it in the basket. Makes it easier to do laundry and either party can put the load in. Also a sock spot/smaller hamper for my hubby by his side of the bed so no socks end up on the floor!" — Liza WilsonThis three-compartment rolling laundry sorter can make easy work of keeping clothes separate and organized. The canvas bags can also be removed for washing or to transport loads of laundry to the washer.Get it from Bed Bath & Beyond for $40.AmazonA wireless television headset for single-person TV viewing in smaller spaces"Wireless headset for the TV (from a New Yorker during covid = small spaces all the time)." — Ali Fitz BernsteinWatch a football game as loud as you want while your partner works quietly a few feet away with this Bluetooth-compatible wireless headset that offers 35 hours of perfectly synced audio per charge. The convenient charging dock also keeps clusters of cords out of the way, and if you don't want to deal with Bluetooth pairing systems, simply plug the transmitter into the audio output on your TV.Get it from Amazon for $109.99.AmazonA set of soft silicone earplugs for partners who snore"Cheap soft silicone ear plugs to block the snoring." — Amy Lou MarieIf you don't want to spend tons of money on noise-cancelling ear buds, these moldable silicone ear plugs can be a cost effective way to have uninterrupted nights of sleep. The ultra-soft and high grade silicone material is comfortable to wear and conforms exactly to the shape of your ear to create a tight yet pressure-free seal.Get it from Amazon for $9.99.HelloFreshA meal service to avoid those “What’s for dinner?” questions"Hello Fresh meals so we don't bicker about what's for dinner every damn night." — Janine PendletonHelloFresh is a meal service that delivers the ingredients needed to make meals curated by actual chefs. There are easy-to-follow recipe cards, vegan and vegetarian options and flexible meal plans. You can customize your plan based on how many meals you want per week and for how many people.Get it from Hello Fresh for starting at $4.49/meal.AmazonA shared grocery app that everyone can add items to"OurGroceries app! It’s a shared app to add grocery and household items to a list. We both can add our favorite items and share shopping responsibilities. Use the last paper towel, quickly add to the list. AND it’s real-time so you can even sneak items on the list while your partner is shopping! Available for Apple and Android. Another couple recommended it and we love it." — Jess Dunning Get the app from Amazon for free.Urban OutfittersTwo nightstands to keep your bedside stuff separate"Two nightstands or similar for each person's side of the bed." — Elissa BlancoThis modern night stand set with touches of mid-century design can be a great way to organize your separate bedroom stuff like books, glasses of water, phone chargers and more. These acacia wood nightstands feature a woven top drawer, extra space beneath and almost 23 inches in height.Get two from Urban Outfitters for $398.AmazonA king size mattress so you can spread out comfortably"A king size bed." — Dana Kacedon LaneAs much as you love your significant other, nothing beats the luxury of a large mattress. This extra-cooling adaptive foam king-sized mattress by Tuft & Needle uses ceramic gel beads for a uniquely cushioned and supportive feel, helping to relieve tension for key pressure points like the hips, back and shoulders. The luxe knit-covered mattress is treated with an antimicrobial technology to reduce the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.Get it from Amazon for $1,116.HuluA streaming service to watch shows together"A good few dozen streaming services. We find a show we both have never seen and looks interesting, and we watch a few eps a night/week. Something new to talk about and discuss and something new we can enjoy together." — Allie ElizabethWith Hulu, users can browse through around 1,650 shows and 2,500 movies from a TV or computer to find something new.Get it from Hulu starting at $6.99 a month.

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