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SOOTHING BIRDS When I first heard about this whole thing about a city bird, my first thought was, are you kidding me, are there not more important things to worry about? Then, after a couple of beautiful days and spring around the corner, I thought, you know, with all the negative stuff we have been dealing with for like, ever, maybe it’s just something a little different to take people’s minds off other things. And after reading the letters to the editor lately, it seems to be working somewhat, I think we all need to take a deep breath and just try to relax a bit. It’s been a rough road lately and sometimes we need to hit the scenic route.C. LEIGH(Bird watching is a beautiful, relaxing hobby we could all likely use.)

IT’S BLACK AND WHITE City council should look to themselves for inspiration. The obvious choice for the official bird of Calgary is the magpie. A noisy, annoying bird with a scratchy voice that provides nothing of value and spends its time digging through garbage and leaving a mess in its wake. I even know the specific variety to select: Kourtnes singletermus.LANCE CAMPBELL(Ouch! Magpies are beautiful but absolutely horrible bully birds.)

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