I shouldn’t be afraid about drinking the tap water out of my kitchen faucet, but I am. Not only does it have a peculiar smell while it’s actively raining or shortly afterward, but my mind starts to wander and thinks about other unseen hazards that may be in it due to the aging plumbing and sewage system of my town, which I hear is in desperate need of an infrastructure overhaul. That’s why I choose to drink bottled or filtered water.


I’ve had my Brita water pitcher for close to seven years now, and I never really thought much about how I use it until I discovered Larq’s smart water pitcher, the Larq Pitcher PureVis, which is on pre-order right now and will be widely available soon. Even though I use the water from my Brita for brewing coffee and making hot meals, I actually don’t drink the water straight out of the pitcher. Call me crazy, but I still think about the potential unseen things in it.

Filtering is great, purifying makes it better

Whether you get your filtered water from a pitcher or through your refrigerator’s water dispenser, the tap water is filtered through the many layers of the filter — trapping contaminants such as chlorine, copper, mercury, and many more. These contaminants can often affect the water in a number of ways, from its taste to its color. On top of that, if you don’t routinely replace the filter, it could become a breeding ground for bacteria. These are the reasons why I don’t drink tap water straight from the faucet.

Larq’s PureVis water pitcher erased my fears about drinking water from the tap

Interestingly enough, it took me a couple of years before realizing that not all filters are equal. Brita’s standard filter, for example, doesn’t filter out other dangerous contaminants like lead and asbestos. We’re all familiar with the Flint water crisis, where the Michigan city’s drinking water was contaminated by lead and possibly bacteria. This brings me to Larq’s filter for its smart water pitcher, which not only filters out the usual contaminants, but also lead, arsenic, benzene, radon, and asbestos.

Taking it one step further is the PureVis Wand that slips into the pitcher to purify the water once it’s gone through the advanced filter. That way, if any bio-contaminants somehow pass through, they would be destroyed by the UV-C light. This is the same technology that has made Larq’s reusable bottles so popular. This combination helps ease any worry I have about drinking water that comes from the tap.

Reinventing the water pitcher

Aesthetically, the Larq Pitcher PureVis has a modern design and a 0.5-gallon capacity. I’m particularly fond of the reservoir that you fill on the top of the pitcher. Instead of having to touch and remove a cover to pour water into it, the PureVis features a mechanism that automatically opens the top chamber to accept water. All that’s necessary is to hold it by the handle and simply dispense water directly into it.

Secondly, the PureVis Wand also features other sensors that help to track water intake and the longevity of the filter — so that there’s never any second-guessing if or when it’s time to replace it. This is done by using the Larq App for mobile, which connects via Bluetooth. The PureVis Wand also has a self-cleaning mode that will automatically purify the water in the pitcher every six hours for 15 seconds. If you’re really concerned, you can always initiate the purification by simply pressing a button.

From its smart design to its even smarter features, the Larq Pitcher PureVis showed me what it truly means to be a smart water pitcher. It doesn’t try to be too smart, but functions intelligently as a stand-alone product that doesn’t constantly need an app’s intervention.

Our health is priority

I’m all for any gadget that positively impacts our health and wellness, more so when it’s priced reasonably. The Larq Pitcher PureVis is on pre-order right now for the price of $148, which includes a filter. When it’s time to replace that filter, you can purchase the essential filter for $25, while the advanced one will set you back a little more at $30. I personally would go with the advanced one because it filters lead and asbestos.

We sometimes take for granted the little things, like the water we all consume every day. Sure, you can pick up a basic Brita water pitcher for as little as $35, but you don’t get the added peace of mind that a Larq Pitcher PureVis offers with its UV-C light purification technology.

If you care about your health, then you understand why something as simple as this water pitcher has a meaningful impact on me.