A couple of months ago Kogan launched their SmarterHome range, beginning with two smart heaters. Problem was that the only way to control them was using the Kogan app with no direct interaction with any of the digital voice assistants.

Today Kogan have announced not only full Google Assistant and Alexa integration but also several new products to their SmarterHome range. The new products include a pair of portable air conditioners, Smart Bulbs in both white and ambient colours, and a Smart Plug with Energy Meter.

The SmarterHome™ range incorporates smart technologies into everyday appliances, helping to improve our lives, 365 days a year. Whether you’re trying to conserve energy consumption or simply want a more accessible way to switch off the lights, Kogan.com is making it easier to control your devices anytime, anywhere….today’s launch will help more people create a smarter home for less

The addition of Google Assistant and Alexa support will come with all the new products as well as be part of an update to the older heaters. The new digital assistant support will allow users to operate their Kogan SmarterHome products from within anywhere in the world without having to use the Kogan app. A simple voice command is all that is needed to change the temperature, turn on the light/swtch.

Kogan brought the smart heaters in time for winter so it makes sense that they bring the air conditioners for summer. The two smart portable air conditioners are two different sizes, one 14,000 BTU and the other 18,000 BTU but have all the same functionality.

OK Google, set the air conditioner to 21 degrees

Both operate on Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, have reverse cycle functions (heating and cooling possible), dehumidifying and fan functions, a timer function to be able to decide when to turn on or off any particular functionality, as well as a self-evaporative water system. The larger version is obviously for bigger rooms (up to 35spm). Both can also be controlled with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Kogan finally brings Google Assistant and Alexa support to their now-expanded Smart Home appliance range

Both units are on pre-sale at the moment with shipping commencing on the 28th September. The first customers who pre-order (no number is known at this stage) will receive free shipping, 4 SmarterHome bulbs (2 ambient and 2 white), 4 SmarterHome plugs and a Google Home. The 14,000 BTU unit retails for $899 and the 18,000 BTU unit $999.

The new Kogan SmarterHome bulbs can not only be controlled remotely with the Kogan SmarterHome app but also with Google Assistant and Alexa. They are available in white and ambient (multi-colour) in both B22 or E27 (bayonet or screw-in for those inclined to call them that such as myself). The are 10W, 1050 lumens dimmable LED bulbs that are equivalent to the older 70W incandescent bulbs. The bulbs are energy efficient (10 kWh/1000 hours power consumption) with a 25,000 hours lifespan.

OK Google, turn on the hallway lights

The app can be used to set basic on and off schedules to automate the lighting and also to create scenes where you can change the brightness and/or colour of the globe depending on your mood. Both types of globes have 2.4GHz Wi-Fi support and there is no hub required for their function.

The globes vary in pricing with a 4-pack of the white bulb in either fitting priced at $69 and a 4-pack of the ambient globes retailing for $89. More details and individual pricing can be found on the Kogan website. There is free shipping on all globes at the moment with them leaving the warehouse in 1-2 days.

The new Kogan SmarterHome Plug can be used to turn any appliance into a smart appliance. The smart plug can be controlled using the app or Google Assistant or Alexa once again — Only the app will show you the amount of energy consumed by the device though. The smart plug has the same 2.4GHz support as the other smart appliances in the SmarterHome range do.

OK Google, turn on the slow cooker

The Kogan SmarterHome Smart Plug with Energy Meter wells for $99 in a bundle of four plugs, a two pack for $69 and as a single plug for $39. It is available for preorder now and shipping on 28 September.

If you are interested in any of the above products head over to the Kogan SmarterHome website for more details and individual pricing. Also if you already have a Kogan branded SmarterHome product head into the Kogan SmarterHome app and see if there is any update waiting to give you Google Assistant and Alexa support.