T-Mobile has released a list of cities and towns that will get its new 5G home internet service, so of course I made a map.

The Google map below comes from T-Mobile's PDF list of cities and towns that are scheduled to get the service first, an area that will initially cover 30 million homes. The list is based on metro areas, so some large, consolidated areas (such as "Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington," a tri-state metro region) are represented as one point so as not to crowd the map.

It's all approximate, anyway. Like with other services of this kind, T-Mobile isn't giving an exact coverage map, but at least it gave me a decent reason why not. T-Mobile is only selling the service based on available network capacity. In other words, if your neighborhood has the wireless network capacity to support 50 homes, and 100 try to sign up, half of those people will get a "not available" message. Sign-ups will also be limited because the company only has a certain number of the Nokia modems it uses for home gateways.

Where Can You Get T-Mobile's 5G Home Internet Service? Let's Go to the Map

All the same, this map does give some initial guidelines. Both bigger metro areas and smaller towns are represented on the map; it's an open question how far outside the towns coverage will go, but remember that a location needs T-Mobile 5G coverage to be viable.

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T-Mobile is selling the service for $60 per month, including taxes, fees, and a modem, without a contract. The company says that users should expect download speeds around 100Mbps, and it says it expects to have 7-8 million people signed up by 2025. Find out more at Tmobile.com/isp.

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