In Tunic you're tasked with setting out on an adventure to uncover the secrets of the island, and to free the caged being by tracking down the three keys to their lock. Tunic has a health mix of difficult combat paired with plenty of secrets to discover and puzzles to unlock. In this Tunic Guides - Guide Hub we'll direct you to each section of Tunic you might be interested in discovering, as well as some tips for the different combat encounters that you'll face.

Before we begin I do want to stress that a lot of Tunic's secrets are best when you stumble upon them yourself, and work towards a solution. Some of these puzzles require paying close attention to your environments and can be very rewarding when completed so if you want to get the full Tunic experience then it's worth trying to work through these puzzles on your own before seeking out the solution.

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Tunic Beginner's Guide - Game Mechanics To Remember

The majority of Tunic isn't taught to you, instead, you learn it by obtaining pieces of the Instruction Manual and inferring from the images. Sometimes you only receive half a page, sometimes you have a page of information written in a different language, but the information there can all be used. Tunic is a game best learned through discovery, for those of you who might be impatient though we have a rundown of things you should know going into Tunic.

Tunic Guides - Guide Hub

What Items can I obtain in Tunic?

Through the main story of Tunic, you'll be able to obtain the following pieces of equipment

While some are directly in your main path, or you even have a chance to access two of them like the Sword, a number of these items are missable like the Shield, Fire Rod, Gun, and Hourglass. On top of these multi-use items there are also a number of one-time use items including elemental explosives, buff items, and currency.

What can I do with each Tunic Collectible?

There are a number of different collectibles to be found in Tunic. Their purpose is as follows:

  • Ability Cards - These can give your fox special effects and boons
  • Gold Coins - Drop these in Wells placed around the world in order to expand the number of Ability Cards you can equip at a time
  • Secret Treasures - There are 12 of these in the game but we'll cover their locations in a different guide
  • Fairies - There are 20 of these in the game but we'll cover their locations in a different guide
  • Tunic F.A.Q

    Tunic has the use of a Holy Cross for opening doors and walls with patterns on them. The Holy Cross is your DPAD or Arrow Keys depending on what your preferred method of input is. Standing in front of a wall or door with a traced pattern on it and keying in the directions of the lines sequentially, normally starting from a diamond or circular shape. There's more information on this on Page 43 and Page 44 of the Instruction Manual.

    You'll come across a series of Gold Platforms on the ground. If you stand still and hold the dodge/sprint button for 3 seconds your Fox will kneel down and begin to pray. This will take you to a hub where you can teleport between different locations in the game.

    When walking hold the dodge roll button after rolling and your Fox will sprint.

    At a certain point in the game, it will become night, this will change the world. If you want to swap between the two world states you need to sleep in the bed in the Old House.

    Stand in front of a Fox Shrine and press the inventory button while in possession of an upgrade item to be able to increase their stats.

    This is an end-game puzzle that you can complete when you've obtained the vast majority of the Instruction Manual. Unlocking the door has to do with the hint on page 49, or you can use our Unlock the Mountain Door Guide

    From the Old House in the Overworld head South, down the spiral staircase to a platform with a pool and a platform in the middle. To the north, you'll see a collection of trees. Walk behind these trees and you'll find yourself in a room with a Chest containing a Gold Coin, and a series of folding dressers. Walking behind each of them will change a different part from the fur, to the bandanna and belt.