Rita's Coffeehouse and Eatery has sadly made the announcement that they will be closed indefinitely. It was kind of a sudden announcement and they did say anyone who has ordered frozen meals will receive them. I am so sad to hear of this closure.

So Sad: Twin Falls Coffeehouse And Eatery Has Closed Indefinitely

I am not sure at this point why the closure was so abrupt. However, I do know that there were a lot of factors that played into their closure. They stated that the increased cost of food and supplies, the struggle to find help and the location all were part of the decision to close. They were located at 260 Shoshone St in Twin Falls. That location is notoriously a rough spot to keep a business running. I am truly sad because I very much liked their food. It was always fresh and their take-home freezer meals were delicious and convenient.

They said they are not sure right now if they are going to be able to reopen, whether in another location or even just focus on frozen meals. I am really hoping they find a new place that is going to help drive their success. We will keep you posted as more news becomes available

Their salads were always incredibly fresh. Their coffee was delicious and, as I have said already, they had wonderful freezer meals. I could live on their chicken pot pies. I am hoping they at least continue those. Here's to hoping they find a way to reopen.

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