The Monster Hunter Rise lock on and targeting options are there if you know to look but what the options are and how to choose between them isn't obvious. One of the first questions you'll likely have when you start playing is how the camera function works, and if there's even a lock on option in the game at all. Thankfully, we can confirm there is – but you may need to play around with some settings in Monster Hunter Rise. Nevertheless, if you're struggling to stay on target and focus the camera on the big monster you're fighting, read on to learn how to use the Monster Hunter Rise lock on function.

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How to lock on to enemies in Monster Hunter Rise

One of the first things you'll want to do when you're in-game is figure out whether you prefer the "target" or "focus" camera settings. Hit + to bring up the menu, then scroll to the right with R and select options. Scroll all the way down to Camera Style – it's third from bottom.

Monster Hunter Rise lock on - auto-aim, target and focus camera

By default, this will be on Target Camera. This essentially means you have free control over the camera angle with the right stick and you can press L to either spin your camera to whatever you're fighting, or if you're not taking on a monster, it'll point where your character is facing. This is great if you're used to Monster Hunter and are confident adjusting the camera yourself when fighting.

Alternatively, if you want to stay focused on the monster you're against whenever you're close to it, you can adjust the camera style to Focus Camera. By pressing the right stick in, you will cycle through targeting the large monsters in your area. For example, if you're hunting a Great Izuchi, press the right stick to target that specific monster, then when you get close your camera will automatically lock onto it. When fighting, the camera will constantly spin and stay locked on.

However, this can cause some problems. The first is that trying to use your wirebug to flee or dodge is almost impossible, because your aim will always be on the monster, so you'll dash towards it instead. If you want to stop targeting the monster, then you need to click the right stick in multiple times, which can be frustrating mid-fight.

It's worth noting that if you do opt for Target Camera, you can adjust the behavior of the L button below, by Target Camera Controls. Type 1 makes L focus on the monster, or you can press it twice to look the direction your character is facing, while Type 2 is the opposite; once for the character, twice for the monster. Type 3 removes the press twice function and pressing it once just looks at the monster.

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