As is customary for Metroid games, Metroid Dread features a wide variety of doors and blocks that will bar players' progress at various points throughout the game. Each one requires a different tool or technique to overcome, allowing the developers to hide the entrances to secret and late-game areas in plain sight from the very beginning of Samus' adventure.

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As well as nine different types of doors, Metroid Dread also features six special dome-shaped door covers that can prevent players from progressing. These are typically countered using beams and missiles, while the majority of the game's nine block-types can only be overcome with the help of bombs or special techniques.

Door Types
Power Beam DoorCharge Beam DoorSensor-Lock Door
Shutter DoorThermal DoorGrapple Beam Door
E.M.M.I. Patrol Zone DoorCentral Unit DoorBoss Door
Door Cover Types
Missile CoverSuper Missile CoverStorm Missile Cover
Wide Beam CoverPlasma Beam CoverWave Beam Cover
Block Types
Beam BlockMissile BlockBomb Block
Grapple Beam BlockSpeed Booster BlockScrew Attack Block
Power Bomb BlockBio BlockPitfall Block

Power Beam Door

Power Beam doors are yellow and can be opened with a single shot from Samus' arm cannon.

Charge Beam Door

Charge Beam doors are orange and can only be opened once players have found the Charge Beam in Artaria.

Sensor-Lock Door

Sensor-Lock doors will slam shut if they detect movement. Players can get around this by using the Phantom Cloak.

Shutter Door

Shutter doors will slam shut if Samus steps on the yellow platform in front of them. Players can avoid this by using the Flash Shift to pass through them without touching the ground.

Thermal Door

Thermal Doors will only open when connected to a source of hot magma. In certain regions, players can use special devices to redirect the flow of Planet ZDR's magma and get them open.

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Grapple Beam Door

Grapple Beam doors are black with a glowing blue triangle on them and can only be opened with the use of the Grapple Beam.

E.M.M.I. Patrol Zone Door

E.M.M.I. Patrol Zone doors are typically made up of a white mosaic holograph and can be freely passed through by players. If the E.M.M.I. patrolling the zone is on alert, however, the doors will turn solid and begin to glow red, which will prevent Samus from passing through. To unlock them, players will need to escape or hide from the robot until it is no longer pursuing Samus.

Central Unit Door

Central Unit doors feature a bright white circle of light on them and can only be opened with the use of the Omega Cannon.

Boss Door

Boss doors are made up of living worm-like creatures and will attack players if they get too close. To kill the creatures and open the doors, players will need to execute a counter attack when they strike.

Missile Cover

Missile covers are red and have a honeycomb-like design. As the name suggests, they can be destroyed with a single missile.

Super Missile Cover

Super Missile covers feature a green mesh-style design and can be destroyed with a single Super Missile.

Storm Missile Cover

Storm Missile covers feature five green dots and can be destroyed by targetting the five corresponding green lights that are nearby with a Storm Missile.

Wide Beam Cover

Wide Beam covers are orange and feature three dots on the front. To destroy them, players will need to hit them with a charged shot after finding the Wide Beam in Dairon.

Plasma Beam Cover

Plasma Beam covers are green and can be destroyed by a single shot from the Plasma Beam.

Wave Beam Cover

Wave Beam covers are purple in color and can be removed by firing a single shot from Samus' Wave Beam.

Beam Block

Beam blocks feature a large white circle on them and can be destroyed using any kind of arm cannon shot, bomb, or missile.

Missile Block

Missile blocks feature a large red circle with a black missile design in the center and can be destroyed with either a regular or super missile.

Bomb Block

Bomb blocks feature a large pink circle on them and can be destroyed by using any of the three types of Morph Ball bomb.

Grapple Beam Block

Grapple Beam blocks are grey with a glowing blue triangle on them. Players can pull them out of walls using the Grapple Beam.

Speed Booster Block

Speed Booster blocks feature an orange circle with a black arrow facing to the right. Players can run straight through them while the Speed Booster is active or use Samus' Shinespark ability to destroy them while in either regular or ball form.

Screw Attack Block

Screw Attack blocks feature a blue circle with a black lightning bolt on them and can be destroyed by jumping into them after obtaining the Screw Attack upgrade.

Power Bomb Block

Power Bomb blocks feature an orange circle with a picture of a black Power Bomb in the center and, as the name suggests, can only be destroyed by detonating a Power Bomb somewhere nearby.

Bio Block

Bio blocks are pink and red in color and are made up of what appears to be some sort of living tissue. Shooting them will cause them to explode, which will usually grant access to secret areas. Once players have the Diffusion Beam, they'll be able to use charged shots to destroy them through thin walls. With the Wave Beam, they'll be able to shoot them through any wall or structure, no matter the thickness.

Pitfall Block

Pitfall blocks are generally the one type of block that players don't want to destroy in Metroid Dread. Simply making contact with them will cause them to erode, though players can use the momentum generated from a Cross Bomb explosion or the Speed Booster to safely get across them without falling.

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