Home security systems have multiple benefits: They can deter criminals from targeting your home in the first place, alert both you and the security company about attempted break-ins, provide a loud siren to encourage anyone who does break in to leave quickly, and prompt law enforcement to rush to your door. The cost of the equipment, installation, and monthly monitoring, which traditional systems typically bind you to for 3 years, can be prohibitive for many customers. In the past few years, a number of DIY-style security programs have changed the security industry, offering cameras and sensors that can be installed and monitored by the purchaser. SimpliSafe is one of those security companies, and it has combined professional monitoring and its many benefits with the DIY installation and contract-free option of the DIY model, bringing customers a more flexible choice for home security with lower start-up and monthly costs (it made our list of the best home security systems). But how does the SimpliSafe monthly cost stack up to the competition?

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.

SimpliSafe Monthly Cost: Overview


A number of variables go into pricing monthly security monitoring. Usually, security companies lay out the components and bundle them into packages, aiming to offer customers a collection of services that meet their security needs. In addition, most companies spread the cost of equipment and installation over the length of the monthly contract, increasing the monthly total. Because SimpliSafe doesn’t require its customers to sign a contract, the equipment is paid for at the outset instead of being added to monthly costs, and installation is free (because you’ll do it yourself with easy pre-attached mounting strips and brackets). As a result, SimpliSafe’s monthly costs are based exclusively on the type of monitoring you prefer. Packages include a wide array of services such as:

SimpliSafe monitoring packages are built from these blocks in combinations designed to scale the needs of different customers and are priced accordingly.


SimpliSafe Monthly Cost: Bundles and Packages to Choose From

SimpliSafe’s monthly monitoring costs are based on the bundle of services selected, and the up-front cost of equipment follows a similar breakdown. You can design your own equipment package from the available options—with or without assistance from a SimpliSafe customer service agent—and tailor the bundle to your precise needs to avoid paying for anything extra. For many customers, however, the range of products and the choices to make can be overwhelming, so they opt for one of SimpliSafe’s preassembled bundles to start with. It’s important to note that these bundles can be opted for as standalones or as complements to additional equipment chosen from the range of a la carte items. This means you can customize a bundle to meet your specific needs—a bundle can form the base of a build-your-own package. All pieces of SimpliSafe equipment work with a built-in Wi-Fi connection, but they include cellular connection as an automatic backup should the Wi-Fi fail or if there’s no Wi-Fi available in the home.

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.

SimpliSafe’s Build Your Own System provides a wealth of products designed to help you build a system that protects your home from what you perceive as the greatest threats. Each system begins with the Base Station and Wireless Keypad. These items are the heart of your system: Once you’ve plugged in the Base Station, it will automatically connect with the keypad and all of the sensors, and your system will be ready to go once the sensors are placed. Then you’ll choose your sensors. Sensors are broken down into three categories: Burglary Sensors, Hazard Sensors, and Optional Add-ons.

Burglary Sensors detect if someone has attempted to gain access or has actually done so. The center of this category is the Entry Sensor, a two-piece device that attaches to the door or window and also to the frame. When the alarm is set and the two pieces are no longer lined up, an alarm will trigger. SimpliSafe also offers a Glassbreak sensor, so if a window is smashed, the Base Station will register the alert. Motion Sensors scan hallways or entryways where they are installed, using special heat sensors to distinguish between pets and humans so you’re not constantly responding to false alarms triggered by roaming feline friends. Finally, the SimpliCam provides live feed to your smartphone app that is recorded and saved by SimpliSafe. In the event that an alarm is triggered, SimpliSafe monitors can use the camera footage to confirm that a break-in has occurred and notify the police, who will respond with added urgency because they’re certain it’s not a false or nuisance alarm. Finally, Panic Buttons can be placed in areas where you’re likely to spend time that are perhaps more distant from the entryways, such as in a bedroom. If you’re home and a break-in occurs, press the Panic Button and the alarm will immediately be triggered and police called without a confirmation.

Hazard Sensors are designed to trigger an alert if a non-human threat to you and your home should develop. Smoke detectors are calibrated to sense both smoke and heat, so they’ll trigger when a fire is still in its smallest stages, giving you more time to get out and summon help. Carbon Monoxide sensors will detect the buildup of this odorless gas and alert you to get up and out of the home before levels have reached a toxic point. Temperature sensors will trigger when the temperature in the house dips below 41, so if you’re away and the heating fails, you’ll have notice and time to take action before the pipes freeze and burst. The temperature sensors also allow for custom high-temp settings—they’ll alert you if the air conditioning fails and temperatures are getting too high for pets or disabled family members who may not notice or be able to take action. Water Sensors can be placed in areas where leaks are likely, such as underneath a water heater or washer, or in areas of the basement or attic that are prone to flooding, and will alert when their feet get wet so you know there’s a problem before it spreads.

These options will let you build a robust system of security for your home. A few additional items can make your system more efficient or easier to use. A key fob allows you to remotely arm and disarm your system from outside and is ideal for family members who might forget their passcode for the keypad (as long as it doesn’t get lost!). Extra sirens are available, which may be a good option for larger homes or garages. SimpliSafe also offers additional yard signs to notify potential burglars that your home is protected, further deterring them from choosing your home. And while self-setup is straightforward and relatively easy, SImpliSafe does offer professional help setting up your system for $79: There’s no pressure to purchase this, and you can try yourself first if you’d like and add the assistance to your package only if you need it.

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.

SimpliSafe offers five preassembled packages of equipment. Each package can be purchased as a standalone, or you can add on more sensors or other equipment to meet your needs. The packages are priced for up-front purchase, but SimpliSafe does offer financing beginning at 0 percent interest. The financing is not tied to a monitoring contract—it’s a separate financing contract for the equipment, so even if you decide to cancel your SimpliSafe monitoring, you’ll have to finish paying for the equipment.

Each system includes a Base Station, which controls everything else in the system and is supported by a 24-hour battery backup, and a digital keypad that connects wirelessly to the Base Station. The keypad is used to arm and disarm the system and includes a small, partially hidden panic button to summon help immediately.

The Foundation, the smallest bundle SimpliSafe offers, costs $229. It’s a great option for smaller homes and apartments, or for those looking to start with a very basic system. The Foundation includes an entry sensor to attach to the main entry door, and a motion sensor for the hallway of your choice, carefully calibrated to be sensitive enough to capture a person walking through the space but not to trigger if your cat strolls through the hallway in the middle of the night.

How Much Is SimpliSafe’s Monthly Cost?

The Essentials bundle includes everything in The Foundation, plus two additional entry sensors, so you can protect several entry doors or vulnerable windows. The Essentials bundle costs $259, or $17 per month, and is SimpliSafe’s most popular package.

The Hearth takes a protective step up from the Essentials. For $374, The Hearth includes everything in The Essentials and adds a linked smoke detector, a key fob to arm and disarm the system that includes a panic button, and a 105dB siren for an audible alarm when sensors are triggered.

The Knox is a more complete bundle for larger homes—it’s aimed at homes with four or more bedrooms. It includes a Base Station, a Keypad and Key Fob, six entry sensors, two motion sensors, and a smoke detector, plus a siren. Designed to cover multiple entry points, The Knox costs $449.

The Haven adds complexity of sensors instead of number. Designed to protect against multiple threats to the safety of the home, it includes the Base Station and Keypad, a key fob, four entry sensors, two motion sensors, a panic button, and a siren—a solid base package to cover a midsize home—then adds a smoke detector, a temperature sensor, and a water sensor, so your home is protected from fire, floods, leaks, and the damage that can affect your pets or your pipes if your HVAC system stops working.

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.

SimpliSafe has three monitoring plans available, along with a fourth that doesn’t include monitoring but provides camera support.

The highest-level monitoring plan is the Interactive Monitoring Plan, which provides 24/7 monitoring for $24.99 per month. This plan includes all the monitoring components available, an unlimited timeline event log, and unlimited camera recording for up to 10 cameras.

The Standard Monitoring Plan, for $14.99 per month, includes 24/7 police, fire, and medical dispatch, supports remote arming and disarming of the system, and cellular backup for the Base Station. Timeline event logs are limited to 7 days, and smart-home integration with services such as Alexa and Google Assistant is not included. The biggest difference between the Interactive and Standard monitoring plans is that Standard does not include camera support: No recordings are made, and video verification of tripped sensors is not available. While those interested in truly comprehensive security may see this as a drawback, those who are uncomfortable with video surveillance and recording will be pleased to see this option, as it cuts down on the monthly cost and doesn’t sacrifice anything they wanted to begin with.

The lowest level of monitoring is quite limited: It is basically a self-monitoring system that provides camera recording and storage. In this plan, you’ll pay $9.99 per month to store recordings from up to five cameras for 30 days, and the ability to manually record when you’re viewing the livestream on the app. You’ll be able to arm and disarm the system from the app as well, and you can choose to add person detection to the alert system. A $4.99 per month version of this plan stores the recordings from only one camera and does not offer the person detection as an option. These plans provide no professional monitoring: The service you’re paying for is the storage of the video feed from the SimpliSafe cameras associated with your account.

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.

Finally, SimpliSafe does offer an Unmonitored option. There’s no monthly fee for this plan; you’ll just need an internet or cellular connection to use it. This includes the SimpliSafe app, in which you can view live video feeds. The system timeline will store up to 7 days’ worth of events, and you can control the system from the SimpliSafe app. All sensor alerts will be directed to your phone—there is no professional monitoring of any kind.

It is worth noting that the monitored programs, particularly the Interactive and Standard plans, will likely reduce your homeowners insurance premiums. Insurance companies know that homes with security systems are less likely to be damaged or broken into, and that monitoring means when a break-in, fire, or flood does occur, help will arrive sooner to limit the damage. Therefore, most homeowners insurance companies will adjust your level of risk and your rate will decrease. The unmonitored plans will not carry this benefit.


Benefits of Choosing SimpliSafe

Infinitely flexible, SimpliSafe offers a great balance of prepackaged convenience and customization, allowing customers to choose the security options they need and a level of monitoring with which they’re comfortable. Many people who have considered home security systems have been turned off by being pushed to choose packages that include equipment they don’t need or paying for services they don’t want, along with the weight of carrying a contract for 3 or more years. While those companies do offer great service to their customers and are ideal for those who want and need full service with professional assessment, installation, and maintenance, SimpliSafe’s customization options and flexibility to switch between levels of monitoring will please most customers.

Fully DIY unmonitored systems may be appealing to those who want a little security without paying for monitoring, but full self-monitoring comes with risks as well. When your cell phone pings at 2 a.m. to tell you someone’s breaking in the back door, it’s not ideal to be fumbling for your glasses and trying to hit record on the video while also calling 911—all while your adrenaline is surging and your heart is pounding. SimpliSafe provides that coverage for you without locking you into a contract, so if your home or financial situation changes, you have the freedom to downshift your costs.

SimpliSafe Monthly Cost: Who Is SimpliSafe Good For?

SimpliSafe is ideal for homeowners who are willing to take a few minutes to complete easy setup of their sensors, and those whose biggest quibble with more traditional systems is the long-term contract. The full service without a contract and the ease of installation make SimpliSafe a great option for most homes.

Renters will also find SimpliSafe to be a good fit. There’s no wiring, and the equipment is easy to install and uninstall so you don’t have to worry about losing the security deposit on the apartment or house. Because there’s no contract, you won’t be stuck trying to transfer a contract to another address and paying for reinstallation of the equipment. The sensors, Base Station, and keypad are yours, so you have the option of packing them away for a while, then reinstalling them in a new apartment and setting up new monitoring.

Homeowners who have opted not to choose landline phone service will find SimpliSafe’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and cellular monitoring capability to be a pleasant surprise. Most home security companies provide a version of these services, but at an upgraded price.

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.

How to Save Money on a SimpliSafe System

Need a home security system? SimpliSafe can help. With a comprehensive whole-house solution, you can be prepared for the unexpected. View SimpliSafe systems and prices.


If you’ve been shopping for a home security system, you’ll understand how easy it is for your eyes to glaze over until they all look the same. It’s important to read the details, however, so that you can make the best choice to secure your home. These are a few of the questions we’re often asked about SimpliSafe along with their answers so you can get started.

U.S. News & World Report has selected SimpliSafe as the Best DIY Home Security System for 2021. The report cites the pricing, variety of equipment, and easy self-installation, along with the bevy of monitoring options and absence of a contract. The customization options and helpful agents can help you build exactly the right system for your home, instead of pressing your system into the cookie-cutter shape of all the other homes they protect.

It does. SimpliSafe stays on top of the technological threats to your system, just as they keep an eye on human and natural threats to your home. Occasionally they may need to update the Base Station and keypad to adjust and upgrade the system based on the information they have and improvements they have made as a result. These updates require very little from you; when you see the gear symbols on your keypad or get a notification in your app, you’ll know that an update is needed. These updates will never go forward without your approval because the system will need an average of 8 to 10 hours offline to process the update and restart, so you’ll need to take the action of pressing the gear icon and following the instructions to install. You’ll have the option of delaying the update for a few days, but it’s best to install updates ASAP as they’re needed to completely protect your home.