A new Forza Horizon 5 update went live today with a range of improvements to multiplayer racing, mouse and video improvements on PC, and a range of stability and bug fixes.

Among the biggest changes in the patch are fixes to convoys: A bug that could cause an "infinite load" for players using the Find a Convoy option has been fixed, Forza Link invites accepted by convoy leaders will now apply to the whole convoy, and the convoy icon on the player label in the map is more readable.

The Horizon Arcade has also undergone some significant changes. The score target now scales based on the number of participants, an issue causing convoy members and other players to disappear has been "improved" (but, apparently, not completely fixed), matchmaking will now prioritize putting players together in larger groups, and completion requirements have been adjusted for some events. Some leaderboard issues have been fixed, and bugs causing EventLab props to appear incorrectly have also been taken care of.

The latest content update is now live for #ForzaHorizon5 You can read the release notes here: https://t.co/rUZ1ojIKaZDecember 3, 2021

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There's still more to be done—Playground Games is still working on the ability to save and load EventLab content for a future update, for instance, and some players are still reporting issues with convoys—but the response to the patch on Forza Horizon subreddit seems largely positive.

"I think there’s a lot more Eliminator fixes than it says," Reddit user Marrioshi wrote. "I’ve played 3 today and was able to challenge everyone. Still invisible people challenging you and I don’t think it spawns everyone on the same map still, but holy shit is it better."

Forza Horizon 5 gets a convoy of fixes in the latest patch

Scaling score targets are also popular. "Just completed four arcade events in a row with group sizes ranging from just me to maybe four total in one of them," redditor DrizzyWay said. "All events were completed within about 5 minutes."

Forza Horizon 5 players will also be receiving 1,000 Forzathon Points along with the update, which can be used to pick up rare cars, horns, clothing and wheelspins from the in-game shop. The full patch notes are below.

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