As is tradition in FromSoftware’s Soulsborne titles, Elden Ring features a number of different Endings depending on the path you take through the game - and each leaves the world, and your protagonist, in quite a different state.

While it’s still early days and many fans are still trying to work out what endings there are in the game, we at VG247 have been able to verify several of them, and so we can now present the Elden Ring endings on this page, so you know the different paths the story can take.

Naturally, this page contains Elden Ring story ending spoilers, because we’re going to talk about each of the endings of the game. In fact, we recommend that you don’t read this page until you’ve achieved at least one ending - because otherwise, you’ll spoil your ‘natural’ ending for yourself, whichever that may be.

Once you’ve finished Elden Ring, you can boot into Journey 2, aka New Game Plus, in order to see another.

While you can go into an end-game save file and complete side quests including those that lead to different endings, you cannot move to get another ending on the same ‘journey’ - the pathway to the final boss is forever blocked once you’ve seen your first ending. You have to play the game again to aim for a different ending.

From this point on, this page contains ENDING SPOILERS.Watch on YouTube

Elden Ring Endings guide: All Endings explained

You can actually see how many ‘core’ endings Elden Ring has based on the game’s achievements. In real terms, there are three different endings to Elden Ring - though it is a little more complicated than that.

The achievements describe the basic endings:

Beyond these three core endings, there are variations of some of these endings depending on your actions. For instance, there are different permutations of the Elden Lord ending that give you different ending states for the Erdtree, the world, and your character.

So there’s three core endings, with achievements attached, and further variations within those three categories.

This page is a work in progress - as more ending routes are discovered, we will of course update the page. Here’s brief descriptions of each ending, their variations:

In all of the Elden Lord endings, the Tarnished becomes Elden Lord and ushers in a new age for The Lands Between. Exactly what this age is can vary based on your actions, however.

Elden Ring Endings guide: How to get every ending and variation

To achieve this ending, all you need to do is follow the main narrative of the game - obeying the requests and directions of Melina the Maiden throughout the game and eventually become Elden Lord as is talked about all game.

Once you get to the ending stages of the game, you’ll have a choice based on the items available to you. This can determine which version of the Elden Lord ending you get.

We don’t yet know if there’s any other variations of this ending beyond these two; but we’re hunting for them. Based on the intro of the game, it could be that there are also variations of this ending based on Dung Eater and Goldmask, as they’re characters introduced alongside Fia with side-quest lines of their own.

The Lord of Frenzied Flame ending has a bit of a Dark Souls feel to it - and it sees you embrace the flame and let chaos take the world. This is the second of the endings, and has some more complicated steps to it.

Specifically, you need to head into the sewers below the capital city of Leyndell, and then keep heading down until you reach the Subterranean Shunning Grounds area. There’s a boss down here; kill it, and then attack the altar in the boss room to find a secret door.

Again, keep heading down - down, down, down. At the bottom, you’ll find a Site of Grace, and a mysterious door made of what looks like molten rock. You also won’t be able to use your weapons in this room.

To proceed, you need to open that door, but doing so is a point of no return situation. Once you do it, there’s almost no going back on this. You’re seemingly locked into this ending at this point, unless you complete a lengthy side quest to obtain Miquella's Needle.

To open this door, take off all your clothes and stand before the door naked. You will be granted the power of the Frenzied Flame by the Three Fingers inside. Your character will be scarred permanently, and have glowing eyes.

At this point, continue with the rest of the game. Make your way to the Forge of Giants. Melina will leave you in anger. You can choose to ‘Listen to the sounds of the flame’ to continue this ending path.

At this point, follow the linear path to the ending. At the end of the game, instead of becoming Elden Lord, you will use the power of the Frenzied Flame to let chaos take the world.

We’re unsure if there are any variations of this ending - we’ll keep testing and update this page if we discover any more.

The final ending, Age of the Stars, sees you refuse both of the above paths, eschewing the fingers for a different approach.

To unlock this ending, you need to complete the side quest associated with the Snow Witch Ranni. Ranni is the character who appears to you and gives you the Spirit Calling Summon Bell. She says you won’t meet her again - but you can, and that kicks off this quest.

This quest appears to be quite complicated, and we’re still working out its triggers. Here’s what we know:

Complete Ranni’s quest in full and after defeating the final boss of Elden Ring you’ll now have access to a unique blue summon sign. Instead of touching the item that leads to the Elden Lord ending, use that sign to summon Ranni - and that gives you the Age of the Stars ending.

We’re unclear on if there are any alternative versions of this ending, though allegedly the tone of some of your interactions with Ranni will change how she addresses you in the ending.