Android 10 for Nokia 8.1 has been a smooth ride in terms of performance, stability and Battery life for most of the users. But like most of the software updates it is not 100%bug-free it seems.

Some of our readers have been reporting bugs related to the Netflix app losing the HDR option and Bluetooth accessories missing audio after connecting to the Nokia 8.1 on Android 10.

Android 10 for Nokia 8.1 has Netflix HDR & Bluetooth audio bugs, report users

Is anyone else facing this issue on Nokia 8.1 with Android 10?

— Nokiapoweruser (@Nokiapoweruser) October 13, 2019

As one can notice in the replies to our tweet posted above these two issues are reported by most of the users.

Some users are reporting the Smart Lock option of “Trusted Faces” gone missing post the Android 10 update. But the fact is Google has removed this option in Android 10, as it was not very secure.

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