You don’t need to upload a dozen photos at once and share them as Instagram Stories. While most of us have a short attention span, make your Instagram Stories as concise as possible. Using collage maker apps for Instagram Stories is a smart way to ensure that.

These collage apps let you create beautiful collages for your Instagram stories. We are not just talking about collage apps like Layout that have stiff frames. Instead, we are talking about collages that let you play with a flexible frame and have add-ons like stickers, animations, and backgrounds to make the story more interesting.

You can use the templates to create interesting posts on Instagram.

So, if you are looking to up your Instagram presentation, here are the best collage apps for Instagram stories in 2022. Let’s have a look.

1. Storyluxe (iOS)

The Storyluxe app gives you a wide library of templates to work on. On top of that, the templates look modern and stylish enough to amp up your Instagram stories. Unlike old collage apps, these do not let you upload 7-8 photos. Instead, you will have to tell your story using a bunch of pictures.

As noted earlier, the templates are stylish and make up for the limited number of photos. It offers a cool bunch of backgrounds and filters to spice up your story. Besides a few free ones, there are a lot of paid templates. So if you like using them, you can upgrade to the paid version.

The app is easy to use. All the options are at the bottom and arranged in a straight line. And if you want to create a simple Instagram post, a tap on the Aspect Ratio button is all it takes. Lastly, you can download the story to your gallery or post it directly on Instagram.

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2. StoryChic (iOS & Android)

The built-in filters of the collage templates are one of the main advantages of the StoryChic app. Naturally, they add a chic touch to stories. For instance, if you want all your photos to have a faded effect, simply select the right template. You needn’t go into the hassle of picking individual filters for all the photos.

The collage templates are available in two styles—Static and Dynamic. Yes, the dynamic templates come with cool transition effects.

Aside from the above, you get the features like individual filters, Story and Post mode, among others.

Unlike Storyluxe, StoryChic is not free. It’s available for a 3-day trial period. And if you are happy with the product, you can pay for it to use it after the trial period ends.

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5 Best Collage Apps for Instagram Stories in 2022

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3. Unfold (iOS & Android)

Another elegant collage app for Instagram stories is Unfold. This one has an interesting bunch of collages and story templates. The highlight of Unfold is the animations on the templates, which gives the stories an unusual twist.

We loved that the collage templates have smart captions and quotes built into the story templates. The app is easy and simple to use. Here, all the templates are presented in the same story format. You just need to hit the Use this template button whenever you like one.

It has a mix of both free and paid templates. However, compared to the ones above, the number of free templates is more, and that’s a huge plus, especially if you post a dozen stories a day.

Apart from collage templates, there are a bunch of other templates as well. And if you love the boho vibes, you will love the brown and earthy theme of the templates here.

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4. Canva (iOS and Android)

Canva is a popular graphics editing app. It offers a healthy mix of collage templates for Instagram stories. The best part of this app is that most of the templates do not require a user fee. At the same time, the app has a straightforward interface, which makes it easy to navigate.

Since it is a graphic design app, you’ll have to traverse a little to find the right story template for you. But once you find one, adding photos doesn’t take much time. Alternatively, you can search directly for a theme and find the relevant templates.

The strength of Canva lies in the little details. For instance, when you add your photos to the collage, you do not have to scroll down to the same position in your photos gallery every time.

Saving Instagram story templates is easy. All you need to do is download and save it to your phone’s album to be posted directly to Instagram.

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5. Mojo (iOS and Android)

The Mojo shines with animations. Whether it’s a collage with just two pictures or a handful of photos, the app lends pretty cool transition effects to uplift a story. And that’s not all. It has a wide variety of templates, which makes it a charm to use it in the long term.

The templates are arranged neatly in categories. Naturally, this makes it easy to choose. Apart from the basic story template, you can also add graphics and backgrounds. Not all are free, and you may have to pay for a few add-ons.

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Tell a Story

Instagram is the abode of pictures and videos in modern times, whether it’s in the form of Instagram Stories or Instagram posts. And when you upload your photos and videos, you’d want them to be the best. And these collage apps are your answer. They prevent you from clogging your stories with dozen stories. Instead, they let you say a short one as concisely as possible. And hey, they lend a classy look.

So, which of these will you pick?