Lighting accounts for about 15% of the global electricity consumption. Improving energy efficiency of lighting sources plays a vital role in decreasing the climate footprint of homes and business around the world. To support the transformation, IKEA has since 2015 converted all lighting in the range to LED, with a clear focus on affordability.

“Building on our belief that sustainability and affordability should and can go hand in hand, we now introduce the next generation of energy-efficient LED bulbs, the SOLHETTA, that will enable our customers to reduce their climate footprint. I am very happy to say that the SOLHETTA will be available at a lower price compared to previous range, making the bulbs even more affordable” says Jonatan Elofsson, Business Leader, IKEA of Sweden.

With nearly 76 million LED bulbs sold in FY20 globally, IKEA continues to develop LEDs which can enable the many people to reduce their energy consumption at home. The new SOLHETTA LED light bulb includes bulbs of the common shapes, sizes and sockets used in household around the world. With SOLHETTA, customers will get high quality of light and bulbs that last up to 25,000 hours, which equivalent to around 20 years**.

Compared to the current IKEA light bulb range LEDARE and RYET, SOLHETTA is on average 35% more efficient in energy, which is equivalent to saving 45,000 tons CO2 per year***. “By introducing SOLHETTA, we hope to make it easier for the many people to be part of the big climate movement.” says Jonatan Elofsson.

IKEA introduces next generation of LED to enable more efficient energy usage with more affordable prices

*Please refer to the local IKEA markets for the exact sales start date and final retail price.

**Calculated on a usage of 3 hours per day.

***Calculated based on the sales number of LEDARE and RYET light bulbs in FY19 – 63 million, and average usage of 3 hours per day.

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