These are some of the top questions I got from readers on Twitter about the latest Symfonisk speaker.

Ikea and Sonos picture frame speaker review: wall of sound

Will this speaker annoy someone on the other side of a shared wall?Potentially. Vibrations are kept in check relatively well, so you should be able to avoid any complaints there. But that can change if you really crank it. The thing is right on the wall, so there’s only so much you can do besides being considerate with volume.

Is the cord as thick and inflexible as it looks?It’s on the thicker side and wrapped in fabric, but plenty flexible. It also helps that the frame has several different paths for routing the cable toward a power outlet, depending on how you’ve got it oriented.

Is the included cable rated for in-wall use?Still awaiting an answer on this, but I suspect the answer is no. The speaker uses the common figure-8 power input, so I’m sure people will get creative in coming up with their own solutions.

Is there a 3.5mm aux jack? Can it be a PC speaker?There’s no aux input, but Sonos has apps for both Windows and Mac. And AirPlay 2 could make it a decent overall speaker option for the latter.

Can I use Command adhesive strips instead of hanging it on a nail?I don’t know if Ikea would recommend it, but that’s what I did during portions of my review. The large-sized Command strips held the frame securely in place, and it never came loose or fell from the wall after several hours of music.

Is there ethernet?There is. You can plug in for a wired connection if your Wi-Fi has spotty performance wherever you place the picture frame speaker.