The iPhone 13 doesn’t have a visible home button below its screen. You may be used to lifting or tapping it to wake it up, but that won’t work if it’s not already powered on. Here’s how to turn it on.

Is My iPhone Asleep or Powered Off?

If the screen on your iPhone is black, it’s possible that the iPhone is in sleep mode. To check, first try tapping the screen. If enabled, a feature called “Tap to Wake” will turn on the screen.

Also, try physically lifting the phone—some have “Raise to Wake” turned on. If that doesn’t work, press the Side or volume buttons on the edge of the device. If the screen turns on, the iPhone was just asleep. If not, you’ll need to power it on.

How to Turn On an iPhone 13

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How to Power On an iPhone 13

To turn on an iPhone 13, first locate the Side button. With the screen facing toward you, the Side button is positioned on the right edge of the device.


Press and hold the side button until you see an Apple logo in the center of the screen.

The iPhone has turned on and will begin to start up, which can take a minute or so. When it’s ready to use, you’ll see a greeting screen (if it’s a new iPhone that hasn’t been set up yet) or a lock screen, which is where you unlock your iPhone using a PIN, Face ID, or Touch ID. From here, you can use your iPhone as you normally would.

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What if My iPhone 13 Doesn’t Turn On?

If you’ve pressed and held the side button on your iPhone 13, but no Apple logo shows up, it’s most likely that your iPhone’s battery is completely discharged. Plug or attach your iPhone to a charger (one that you know works) and let it charge for at least 30 minutes, then try to power the iPhone on again. If it still doesn’t work, it’s probably best to contact Apple support for help. Good luck!

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