Despite all the attention around Alexa, Amazon's Echo speakers are first and foremost speakers. You can stream music from platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora and more.

Now, you can take that music with your from room to room or even from room to car to earbuds. Asking Alexa to move your audio to another device, group or room is a great way to manage tunes hands free. Here's how it works.

Moving between devices

Chances are you might play music on other Echo devices that aren't speakers or on your smartphone. Moving audio works on these devices, too.

How to move music with Alexa on Amazon Echo devices

For Echo Buds, you'll want to put in your buds, connect them to your phone and ask, "Alexa, move my music here."

If you have an Echo Auto in your car, you can move music by saying, "Alexa, pause" to the speaker in your home. Once you're in your car with your phone connected to the Echo Auto, ask "Alexa, resume music."

Moving from Echo speaker to Echo speaker throughout your house is simple, too. Say, "Alexa, pause" to the device playing, followed by "Alexa, resume music here" or "Alexa, resume radio here" to the device you want to move music to.

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Moving between groups

If you have multiple Amazon Echo speakers in your home, chances are you've added them to a group like "living room" or "kitchen."You can move audio between groups just like moving it between devices devices. Say, "Alexa, move my podcast to the kitchen" or "Alexa, move my music to the kitchen."

These audio moving tips will help you seamlessly enjoy your tunes and podcasts without lifting a finger. Google's Nest Mini smart speakers and Apple's HomePod Mini can also transfer audio between devices.

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