With Microsoft PowerPoint speaker notes, you have your talking points handy during your presentation. But if you decide to remove those notes, it can be a tedious task. We’ll show you how to remove the presentation notes all at once.

How to Remove PowerPoint Presenter Notes

As a reminder, you can delete individual speaker notes easily. Open the presentation notes using the Notes button in the PowerPoint status bar or by clicking “Notes” in the ribbon on the View tab.

Go to the slide with the notes that you want to delete, click in the Notes area, and remove the text. You can do this quickly by selecting all of the text and hitting your Delete key.

While this is fine for deleting notes on a handful of slides, it can be time-consuming if you have dozens of slides. Here’s how to remove them all in one fell swoop.

How to Delete All Presentation Notes at Once in Microsoft PowerPoint

Click File > Info. Under Inspect Presentation, you’ll see that your slideshow contains presentation notes.


Click the “Check for Issues” drop-down box in that section, and then select “Inspect Document.”

You’ll see many items that you can inspect your document for, so remember this convenient tool for those types of things later.

For this task, you’ll only check the box for “Presentation Notes” at the bottom, and uncheck the rest. When you’re ready, click “Inspect.”

After a moment, you’ll see the results letting you know that the presentation notes were found during the inspection. Click “Remove All.”

And just like that, your presentation notes will be gone! You can hit “Close” if you’re finished with the Inspect Document tool.

Click the arrow on the top left to return to your slideshow, and you should no longer have speaker notes on your slides.


If you want a copy of those notes before you remove them, you can always save a copy of your presentation beforehand. Or, you can print just the speaker notes for a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow.