Samsung has announced its new foldable phone duo — the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 alongside some accessories like the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Buds 2. The new foldables are aimed at a larger demographic than before and are slightly more accessible than previous versions in terms of price. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will start at $1,799 whereas the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will start at $999. If you’re planning to buy the more affordable Galaxy Z Flip 3 and are wondering how much warranty you would get with the phone, we’re here to help you out.

How much Warranty does Samsung offer on the Galaxy Z Flip 3?

Foldables have generally not had a very good track record when it comes to durability. Since they have a flexible display and a hinge which is a mechanical part, it’s always wise to be slightly more careful while using them. This is where having a warranty comes into play. If your phone is under warranty, any defect or irregularity in the phone will be covered so you won’t have to spend extra in case something goes wrong with your phone.


The Galaxy Z Flip 3, just like most phones, has a limited warranty of one year from Samsung. What this means is if something goes wrong with your Galaxy Z Flip 3 within a year of the purchase date, you can take it to Samsung and they should ideally fix the issue or replace your phone free of cost, provided an external factor has not caused the issue. External factors include dropping the phone by accident, water damage, a broken screen due to some sort of external force being applied, etc.

If you drop your phone often or you think there are chances of your phone getting damaged accidentally, it’s wise to purchase the Samsung Care+ protection plan. Samsung Care+ extends the warranty of your device and covers accidental damage as well. So if you drop your phone and the screen shatters, Samsung Care+ will cover the display replacement which would otherwise cost you a lot of money.

Samsung Care+ is a one-time investment you can get for up to three years. In fact, if you’d pre-booked and reserved your Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Z Flip 3, Samsung will include one year of free Samsung Care+ when you go for the three-year plan, so you’ll only have to pay for two years. If you plan on using your Galaxy Z Flip 3 for a long period of time, it might be a good idea to get Samsung Care+ by paying a little extra. It’s also recommended you use a case along with your phone to protect it from scratches and cracks. If you’re planning to buy the Galaxy Z Flip 3, we have compiled the best deals you can find so make sure you check that out.