I’ve been working my way through all of Eve’s products sold in the US, and I am continually amazed by its tight integration with HomeKit and reliable products. If Apple planned on buying a vendor to build first-party HomeKit products, Eve should be at the top of the list. A recent addition to my office was the Eve Room indoor air quality monitor.

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I’ve made it a goal to get air quality monitoring in all the rooms of my house, and I chose the Eve Room for my bedroom/home office. It tracks VOC, temperature, humidity using an e-ink display. One of my favorite features of the product is that it’s rechargeable over mini-USB. So many wireless HomeKit products use regular batteries, so I have to replace them all once a year or so. I love that Eve went the extra mile and included a rechargeable one built-in. Eve Room lasts about six weeks on a single charge.

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Tracking details

Eve Room tracks all its measures into historical detail that can then be viewed in the Eve iPhone. This data can help you track how simple changes in your environment can impact air quality over time. It’s also helpful in tracking temperature and air quality in a specific room of your house (baby’s room, etc.). It can also be insightful to see how cooking, burning candles, or introducing new electronics into a room can impact the room’s quality.

The Home app includes all of the tracked data on a live basis, so it’s great for giving you alerts if the air quality drops below a certain level, etc. It can track temperatures between 32 degrees and 122 degrees Fahrenheit and display it on its 200×200 e-inks creek.

HomeKit setup

Eve includes the HomeKit code on the box, so all it takes is a quick scan in the Home app new device wizard to begin tracking air quality and temperature in any room of your house. Once the device joins your HomeKit environment, you’ll get to tell the Home app which room it’s located in. Eve Room transfers its data over Bluetooth Low Energy, so if you’re struggling with a connection, you might want to consider Eve’s Bluetooth extender. I hope that a future revision of Eve Room includes Thread support.

Once it’s in HomeKit, you’ll be able to track air quality in the Home app and build automations to turn on HomeKit fans or an air purifier.

Is Eve Room worth the price?

The Eve Room is on the high end of the price for HomeKit air quality tracking devices, but the rechargeable battery makes it a great option. If you want something on the lower end, check out the Qingping option I reviewed a few weeks back.

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