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Like many of the best smart plug manufacturers, D-Link’s origins are in the home-networking market. The brand has produced some of the best routers and powerline adapters for more than 30 years. In 2014, D-Link dipped its toe into the smart home device waters, now offering a range of products, including some of the best smart home security cameras.

D-Link Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug DSP-W118 review

The D-Link Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug DSP-W118 is a compact unit that plugs into a power outlet, allowing you to control any appliance connected to it from your smartphone – even when you’re not at home. If you often worry that you’ve left your coffee maker or hair straighteners switched on once you’ve left the house, this device provides peace of mind, giving you a way to switch them off if they have in fact been left on.

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