While Hue continues to be my primary smart lighting solution, given its local control and rock-solid reliability, Cree Connected Max lightbulbs are what I’ve begun using to economically outfit the rest of my home. For example, I run a Cree filament in our upstairs hallway fixture and just picked up a $13 1600 lumen tunable white (plus color!) bulb for my office floor lamp.

Now, by way of the FCC, Cree looks to be significantly increasing its footprint by bringing a smart outlet and pair of smart switches to their ecosystem.

Cree Smart Switches & Outlet On The Way

Cree Remote Control DimmerThe simplistic little wand (shown up top) can obviously control power and brightness… but also shade of white. But, beyond using it as a handheld remote, Cree will also bundle a magnetically-attached toggle switch plate cover. It may look somewhat bulky, but I bet its convenience will outweigh its appearance for many.

Cree Scene ControllerRepurposed from their commercial line, Cree is making available a “Connected Max’ branded scene controller that, uh, controls scenes. Unlike the Connected Max dimmer, this does require a little electrical know-how … and a neutral wire. At the very least, you’ll be able to link up five scenes. However, if they implement long press or double tap, the number could be greater.

Cree Indoor Smart PlugPretty sure we all know what a smart outlet looks like and what it’s used for a – to control or group a traditional lamp (or fan or heater, etc). But I’m wondering if they refer to this as an ‘indoor’ model for safety… or because they’re also working on outdoor bulbs and accessories?

It goes without saying all of these are linked up within the Cree app, but for those unaware the lighting company also provides Alexa and Google Assistant linkage. Sadly, Apple HomeKit remains out of reach. For now, anyway. No details yet on timing or pricing, but CES is just about 6 weeks away and I expect these to remain inexpensive compared to Hue.