Clearlake Capital, a California-based investment firm, has joined Todd Boehly's consortium as they look to complete the purchase of Chelsea Football Club. That's according to Sky News, who say that Boehly's bid has been boosted even more ahead of this evening's deadline for offers.

Boehly is heading a consortium alongside Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss and London-based property investor Jonathan Goldstein. The consortium is thought to be one of the front-runners to complete the takeover of the west London club.

Clearlake Capital reportedly have $60billion (£45.5billion) of assets under management, meaning Boehly is now "overfunded" when it comes to his bid for Chelsea. The report goes on to say that any takeover from Boehly would provide 'long-term funding' for the club and the 'redevelopment of its Stamford Bridge home'.

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Clearlake Capital join Todd Boehly's consortium as Chelsea takeover deadline nears

Times columnist Daniel Finkelstein also confirmed that he had teamed up with Boehly's consortium as he looks to help the purchase of his beloved Chelsea. Finkelstein tweeted: "I am delighted to be part of the Todd Boehly consortium seeking to buy Chelsea FC.

"I think this bid is like that goal Super Frank scored in injury time against Stoke City to win the game and all three points, when, with only three minutes of normal time left, we were able to lose. These are smart guys, who don't just have the money to invest, they get how to use it.

"They understand about data, and they understand about fans, I'm really excited about the plans for fan involvement which I believe in strongly. I want Chelsea to be pioneers.

"I'm passionate about Chelsea to the point of eccentricity. I want owners who will invest but are also insightful and use modern methods to keep our club on top of the world. I believe Todd Boehly would be just such an owner.

"This is a bid from fervent sport fans, really successful backers of champions. Just look at the LA Dodgers, what they have invested and what they have won.

"Jonathan Goldstein is also a brilliant man and really knows his football. We'd be lucky to have him.

"And as for Spurs? At Chelsea we sing songs for talented people who see the light and come to the Bridge. This bid knows who we are. It's proper Chels."