In residential properties bulkheads are an excellent indoor or outdoor option should cost effective lighting be required in areas that might also need more robust materials to cope with any harsh elements.

In high-rise apartment blocks they are perfect for illuminating outdoor entrances, lobby and lift areas, corridors, staircases, storage zones and carparks. Unaffected by the intermittent, frequent switching of on and off when people walk through that area, bulkheads with microwave sensors, such as our Orbital range, are a great option for these applications.

For houses, they are also ideal for lighting up the inside of garages and sheds.

Businesses should also consider LED bulkhead lighting for their offices, providing clear, concise lighting as well as excellent energy savings. For years this traditional bulkhead has been fitted globally in commercial environments with energy consuming fluorescent lamps. With the UtiliteDrum™ range, you can now upgrade to maintenance free, high efficiency LED alternatives without worrying about changing the look of the existing installation.

In industrial environments building security is one of the key areas in which bulkheads are ideal. When combined with sensors or occupancy controls, this type of lighting can help illuminate exteriors when anything or anyone comes within a certain distance.

When machinery and cargo are moving around frequently and where accidents can happen, bulkheads are the solution likely to withstand any knocks.

The NEW OrbitalCS™

The IP66 OrbitalCS™ bulkhead range is simple yet perfect for various applications. Available in two wattages, the beauty of this range is that, should it be uncertain what look is wanted in each area, the colour temperature can be switched between 3000K, 4000K and 6500K upon installation. This is an excellent option to have should you have areas that might need a warmer feel, such as bathrooms.


Being both IP66 and IK10 rated, these bulkheads can withstand most types of weather conditions and are ideal for damp or exterior conditions. Engineered with a tough polycarbonate body and opal diffuser for even light output with no LED hot spots, all versions and accessories are impact resistant and designed to last.

These bulkheads can be made to suit various environments as they come with white and black housing and interchangeable eyelid bezels. There are also emergency and microwave options, with an adjustable hold time of 5 seconds to 10 minutes for the microwave option as well as an adjustable light detector.

With a life expectancy of L70 30,000hrs and a 5 year warranty, this range ticks all the boxes for any installation.

The Orbital, Hercules, Utilite & UtiliteX Bulkheads

We have a wide range of bulkheads to choose from that are designed to be suitable for many applications.

The Utilite™ is a powerful yet energy efficient alternative to standard bulkhead utility luminaires. Designed specifically for LED technology, their impact resistant polycarbonate housing provides a tough exterior making them ideal for all basic industrial, commercial and residential installations.

The IP66 Orbital™ bulkhead range is simple yet perfect for bulkhead applications. Engineered with a tough polycarbonate body and opal diffuser for even light output with no LED hot spots, all versions and accessories are impact resistant and designed to last. Available in two wattages, white and black housing, interchangeable eyelid bezels, emergency and microwave options. This range ticks all the boxes for any installation.

The Hercules™ bulkhead is a robust product featuring a die cast aluminium body. The IP65 range featuring Emergency and Microwave Sensor options, plus Round of Eyelid variants the range offers a solution for different outdoor applications.

View our full range of bulkheads here.

Make Smart with AOne Control

Aurora’s AOne is the world’s widest range of smart lighting and it can easily make more than 1000 of Aurora Lighting’s products smart. The AOne covers power, lighting and control, is easy to install and extremely cost effective when compared with traditional smart lighting systems. Simply install the AOne Smart Hub and the AOne On/Off Relay to gain instant smart control over Aurora’s full highway range.

Added smart control is particularly useful in industrial environments when large areas are often left unused for long periods of time.