EL MONTE, Calif., Aug.01, 2021(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Century Inc has detailed its expansion plans for entering the European market to build a better smart home with cutting-edge technologies. BN-LINK, operated by Century Product Inc., made the announcement last week, highlighting a particular focus on the UK, Germany, and France for its expansion strategy. BN-LINK dedicated to providing cost-efficient and quality electronics for smart home solutions.

With this launch, BN-LINK hopes to accelerate the expansion of smart life in the European market. As of today, 3 million households trust in BN-LINK, The number of EU users is forecast to reach 9 million by 2023, offering a vast opportunity for European families to link to a new smart world.

Century Product Inc was established in February 2014. Their initial focus started with timer outlets under the brand name Century. Over time, customers have grown to trust and love these excellent timers, resulting in ranking many of BN-LINK items as the top 3 Bestseller in Amazon's electrical outlet switches category. Fast forward to April 2019 and a new innovative brand BN-LINK is created. They have produced a variety of smart in-wall switches, indoor and outdoor smart sockets, Smart string lights which are powered by Tuya, compatible with Alexa and Google Home for voice control, mobile phone timer scheduling, and remote control functions. With an annual growth rate of 47% in the U.S. markets, BN-LINK has expanded its market across many borders and continues to do so by entering the U.K. and EU market this year.

BN-LINK star product-133TJ, cumulatively sold over one million orders at Amazon.com, also honored as Amazon's Choice in Electrical Outlet Switches, 133TJ Smart Wi-Fi Plug allows homeowners to monitor power consumption and costs from electronics, revolutionizing smart home innovation by allowing users to control and manage the energy usage and costs of home electronics from anywhere through their iOS or Android device. The hottest addition to the simple, ingenious BN-LINK smart home brand, the 133TJ plug is a Wi-Fi-enabled compact plug that also allows users to put their devices on a schedule and receive notifications anytime a connected unit is turned on or off.

The evolved switch allows users to truly control and monitor as much or as little of their home as they want, from observing whether a television has been on too long or being alerted to when a laundry cycle has finished, all through their smart device from anywhere and at any time. The133TJsmart plugs directly into an electrical outlet, and then a user simply connects it to the home Wi-Fi network, downloads the free Tuya Smart app, and instantly is able to turn any device plugged into the unit on or off using his or her iOS or Android device, and customers call them "super easy to install." it allows users to put electronics on a schedule, and even time them according to local sunrise and sunset.

BN-LINK Announces Entry into the European Market

Today, BN-LINK lets you elevate your homehoused with 'crazy amazing' deals at133TJbyAmazon- up to 50 percent off, The deal price of 2 packs is 8.49$ with code: RLD4N6OT. In fact, thousands of five-star reviewers can attest to the fact that these "straight-up legit" gadgets enhance your home 365 days a year.

"These plugs are exactly what I wanted. Easy to install and use [electrical quantity management-smart scheduling] with my phone, and by asking Alexa," wrote one stoked fan. "These are for a second home and it makes it look like someone is home," wrote another.

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