T Tinxy Device 4 Node Smart Switch

The T Tinxy smart switch can change the traditional switch into a smart one and offer easy controls of home appliances without them upgrading them. You should not be required to buy a smart appliance to use the feature. Just plug in the smart switch, connect to the Wi-Fi system and control your existing appliances from your smartphone. The T Tinyx smart switch is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and you can use both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Sonoff Wifi Smart Switch

The Sonoff smart switch can help you control your home appliances smartly from your phone. You can turn on and turn off your appliance remotely using the smart switch. The smart switch lets you set timing schedules for your appliances. With the eWeLink app, you can control your devices easily. It can be easily installed by an electrician with basic knowledge of electrical switches. The Sonoff smart switch is easy to handle and comes at an affordable price.

smarteefi smart switch

The smarteefi smart switch lets you turn on or off the heavy power appliances remotely. You just have to download the smarteefi Android or iOS app. It also lets you schedule the switch on and off the appliances using the app. It also lets you set a countdown timer for an appliance. If you want your water tank motor to be on only for an hour, you can set the timer in the app and the motor will off automatically after an hour. The smarteefi smart switch is compatible with Anchor or Roma modular switch plates.

Protium 16A Smart Switch

The Protium smart switch is compatible to work with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. You can control the appliances with your voice. You can turn your appliances on or off by downloading the ‘Smart life’ app. With the app, you can check if your appliance is on or off remotely. It is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. The Protium smart switch also lets you set timing schedules for your home appliances or electrical devices.

Sonoff ABS Smart Switch

The Sonoff smart switch should let you control the appliances at your home from remote locations. You just need to download the ewelink on your Android or iOS smartphone before you can turn on or off an appliance or know its real status. You can share the control of the appliances with your family members easily. The Sonoff smart switch can be easily installed and is a suitable choice to make your home smarter without upgrading the devices.

Smarteefi Smart Switch

The Smarteefi smart switch lets you control up to four devices and schedule or program them independently. It fits well with Anchor Roma modular switchboard panels. You can schedule the turn on and turn off for a device on a weekly or daily basis. You can plug the switch into an existing plug socket and make it a smart socket. The Smarteefi smart switch comes with a notification feature that pings you every time an appliance is switched on or off when you are away from home.

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