Is there anything better than going home at the end of a long day to a house filled with cozy things? I didn't think so. Thankfully, it's not hard to find brilliant Amazon products that'll make your living spaces a million times more comfortable.

43 Brilliant Things On Amazon That Make Your Bedroom & Living Room 10x More Comfortable

While starting your comfort makeover, your best bet is to tackle one room at a time, beginning with the places where you hang out most (like your living room or bathroom). While you're renovating, consider adding a new texture into the mix. Take this hand-knitted pouf, for example. I mean, what's cozier than a big ball of softness hanging out on your floor? A faux fur rug, a sherpa throw blanket, and even a velvety sofa cover are all good choices, too.

Next, tackle the unseen things that make a big difference, like scent and sound. There are tons of lush, non-toxic room sprays, diffusers, and candles out there that can totally change the energy of your rooms in a snap. Or if scents aren't your thing, a soothing white noise machine or a desktop fountain can make your space feel like a sanctuary. Here's a collection of some of the comfiest products on Amazon to help you get started.